3 ways to style your little black dress

Every woman's collection should include a little black dress because it is a timeless and functional item. Any occasion or event, whether you're getting dressed up for a formal event or just heading out for a casual night out, is appropriate for it. In this blog, Indy and Eve will share three different ways to wear this classic item.

Classic Chic

The first way to style your little black dress is with a classic chic look. This look is ideal for formal occasions like weddings or galas. Put on your little black dress with some chic jewellery, such as diamond stud earrings and a delicate necklace, and a pair of neutral or black shoes. To finish the appearance, add a little handbag or clutch. Keep your makeup simple and classy, using a neutral lip and a soft smokey eye. You want to keep things polished and uncomplicated for this look.

Try experimenting with various textures to give your outfit some depth. For a more formal and structured appearance, you might pair your little black dress (LBD) with a blazer or a jacket. As an alternative, you can choose a lace or velvet dress to add some elegance and glitz. Keep in mind that when it comes to this look, less really is more, so keep it really simple, polished, and classic.

Edgy and Bold

If you are feeling daring and want to make a statement with your little black dress, try the edgy and bold look. This look is ideal for a date night with your significant other or a night out with friends. To create this style, wear a little black dress (LBD) with some statement boots, like ankle or over-the-knee boots, and accessorise with chunky jewellery, like a statement bracelet and big earrings. You might choose a bright lip colour, like crimson or burgundy, and smudged eyeliner for a seductive appearance.

Try experimenting with other materials, such as leather or suede, to give your look some edge. To achieve a daring and edgy appearance, layer your little black dress (LBD) with a leather jacket or a suede blazer. A fur vest or a jacket covered in sequins are other options for adding texture. Being confident and bold is essential for this look. Try new things and push yourself past your comfort zone.

Casual and Comfortable

Finally, let's talk about the casual and comfortable look of your little black dress. For a weekend brunch or a laid-back outing with pals, this look is ideal. To pull off this style, team your little black dress with some relaxed flats or sneakers and a cardigan or denim jacket. For the final touch, add some delicate jewellery, like a tiny necklace or a pair of hoops. With some tinted moisturiser and a coat of mascara, you may get a natural and youthful makeup appearance.

To add some comfort to your outfit, choose a loose-fitting little black dress (LBD), such as a shift or a tunic dress. You can also experiment with different patterns, such as floral or polka dots for a more playful look. The key to this style is to be comfortable and relaxed.  Being at ease and comfortable is the key to this look. Without sacrificing style, you want to feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing.

3 ways to style your little black dress