Starting from scratch in 2018, Indy and Eve has evolved quite quickly in challenging times. From the floor of my kid’s toy room, to our third store in as many years, our little online store has grown along with my amazing little team!

Located in my hometown of Keith, South Australia, Indy and Eve was created by my love of online shopping. Being in a rural town, shopping online become reality especially when living a busy life with my family. Shopping for clothes had become a ‘convenience’ for me while running around after my young family and working part time. Finding time to head to the ‘big smoke’ was becoming less and less convenient. The online shopping world has really evolved over the past 10 years and with a ‘shove’ from dear old Covid many small businesses were forced to revert to online sales as well as the consumer to somewhat be forced to shop online.

I love the little team we have created at Indy and Eve. Employing locals and having our warehouse in Keith has been one of my biggest achievements along with having in-store in Keith available for the convenience of the locals. The support from the start from locals was AMAZING and just shows the bonuses of living in a small community as the online market was a tough cookie to break!

100% flying blind, I have always been determined from the first day to break into the online market but with LOTS and LOTS of ups and downs along the way, so many times I could have just given up! I, along with my amazing team have slowly smoothed some of the bumps in the road with many more bumps to continue smoothing over the next 12 months.

One thing I love about Indy and Eve – Shopping every week for the styles I love and bringing them all together in a one stop shop for all my lovely customers. I love the relationship we build with our customers and it is one of my top goals to provide the best possible customer service we can in this ever-evolving digital world.

I look forward to continuing growing Indy and Eve in our beautiful little town over the coming years and hope that as the road gets smoother, we can continue providing exceptional service to you, our wonderful customers worldwide!

Danni & the team at Indy & Eve